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We provide managed hosted service. Sign up and start using it in less than a minute. Next to the powerful IPAM engine you get the Operational Planner and IPAM Request Management portal. It costs nothing to open up a free account. Use it as long as you need it.

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Cover the full lifecycle of an IP Address Management area.


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Apteriks is a complete service covering Planning - IPAM Operation - Request Management areas

Key features

Secure hosting in Germany

Azure Germany is an isolated cloud that was specially built to meet the strictest EU requirements for the data protection. Learn more...

Periodic Infrastructure Discoveries

Automate as much as possible. Run once-off or periodic discoveries of your network. Discover nodes, auto-detect servers, printers, databases and much more.

Synchronize IPAM with live network

Compare your IPAM database with the routing table of a live router and import discovered routes with one button click.

Smart filters

Smart Filters are custom queries to IPAM database that allow you to specify the flexible search criteria. For example the list of "standby firewalls" or "slow database servers" or "reserved IPv6 networks" can be displayed with a single mouse click.

Help IPAM requestors

IPAM Request Management portal is part of Apteriks Helpdesk engine. A set of customizable request forms allow users to submit IPAM requests and capture them as helpdesk tickets. Learn more...

Plan and Audit your IPAM

An Operational Planner captures desicions, objectives, rules and actions. It lets you plan your team/departmental targets and audit them. Learn more...

Flexible data representation

We give you the unique way to look at your IP data. Need to plan the route summarization? The Network Hierarchy tree shows the actual dependency among networks using their Address and Mask. Need management flexibility? The Flex Tree allows you to create folders and group IPv4/IPv6 networks any way you like.

Delegated administration

Add users and define their access to the stored IPAM data, operational plans or helpdesk tickets.


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General features

IPAM Request Management 21-day trial
Operational Planner 21-day trial

IPAM features

User accounts 2 5 10 20
VRFs 1 3 5 20
Log entries keep time (days) 30 90 365 365
Custom fields

Infrastructure Discovery features (*)

Maximum network scan size /24 /22 /22 /22
Max. scheduled (periodic) discoveries 1 10 50 300
Scanning features Ping (node status)
Round Trip Time
DNS name
Quick TCP scan (25 ports)
Basic SNMP inventory

Same as Free

Same as Basic


Scanning of Well Known (1000+) and Registered (5000+) TCP ports

Same as Advanced


Scanning of any TCP port ranges

(*) Most of these features apply to IPv4 only.

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Feature highlight

Infrastructure Discovery

A single installation of our Sentinel agent software enables an encrypted connection between Apteriks portal and environment you need to manage or explore. Auto-populate the IPAM database, scan networks and discover running services.


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Feature highlight

Synchronize IPAM with live network

There are 3 ways for a mass import of data: from a CSV file, from device configuration files, and directly from a routing table.

How did your network routing change since last week? Compare your IPAM database with the routing table of a live router and import discovered routes with one button click.

Feature highlight

Eliminate IP conflicts

Erroneous double-allocation of IP addresses is not possible in Apteriks IPAM as such conflicts are automatically detected and prevented.

We can also extract the precise IP plan from the router configuration files and highlight IP conflicts in them.

Feature highlight

Flexible data representation

Once you have your networks and folders in Apteriks IPAM, we offer you two ways to look at your data.


Need to analyze networks for the network summarization planning? IPAM Network Hierarchy Tree shows you the actual relationship among networks based on their IP addresses and masks, regardless of their actual location.

Need the management flebility? IPAM Flex Tree allows to create folders and re-arrange networks in the way you need. Just drag and drop the items around.

Feature highlight

IPAM Request Management

There is one thing that really makes it convenient for IT project managers and other people who need to request IP allocations and track their execution.

The Request Management portal. Standardized set of web forms that obtain all necessary details from the requestor.

No more emails. Upon submission the web forms are converted into helpdesk tickets and contain all details about the request and allocated IP's. Single place for your users to keep the history of their requests. Single place for your engineers to work on all assignments.

Apteriks helpdesk supports Single Sign-On so that you can securely and uniquely identify your users in your own environment prior to transparent login into the Request Management portal.

IPAM Request Management is part of premium IPAM subscriptions.


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Feature highlight

Operational Planner

The bigger you grow, the more important the planning becomes.

Operational Planner is a place to capture and manage plans, decisions and audit information.


Improve your team efficiency by making the goals visible and traceable. Create an Operational Plan, capture objectives and actions and monitor their progress. For example, create a year plan describing what you want to do in an IPAM domain.

Simplify and standardize the operational area. Create a Decision Log and capture decisions, rules and exceptions from them. Drill down to To-Do items when needed. For example, document the operational rules of an IPAM domain.

Operational Planner is part of premium IPAM subscriptions.


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